Main features of Automobile Air Conditioner EJH series:
       Whole arrangement of evaporator and condenser, compact structure and installed on upper space automobile engine, which easy to install and maintenance
       The refrigerant capacity of our product with one layer and half, or two layers, can be adjusted per real condition of bus flexibly, to ensure uniform temperature among upper lay and low layer
       Use φ7mm internal thread copper segment type in heat exchanger, Hydrophilic aluminum foil in evaporator, vertical arrangement in condenser, which can bring high thermal coefficient, high energy efficiency ratio and low fuel consumption
       We have high/low voltage system, anti-frosting on evaporator and interlock & automatic fault alarm system for excessive/low current, overload/overcurrent, short circuit, etc. We especially refine  our fire prevention requirement in every detail section of our product, which brings our product with safety & reliable
       Combine automobile engine ratio & custom design for compressor transmission ratio, to ensure refrigeration effectiveness of automobile air conditioner, reliable for long term usage
       Automatic control system for digital display, automatic temperature control, automatic fault diagnosis, reliable control and easy to repair/maintenance
       Refrigerant capacity is around 30-48Kw for standard condition, which suits 10-12 meters long sightseeing bus with single layer, 11-12 meters long one layer and half bus and two layers bus